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SLOPE MANAGEMENT SEMINAR -Overcoming Challenges & The Way Forward


This one-day event is a collaborative eort whereby speakers will present on slope issues from various perspectives technical, legal and resources needed and highlight the status quo of matters related to slopes. Participants are invited to contribute their views on the topics to add further depth and insight into these issues.

  •  To inform all stakeholders in the public and private sectors on the current state of slope management and      challenges in the country.
  •  To communicate the vision of slope management in the future.
  •  To highlight gaps (i.e., legal, technical, human resources, etc.) in the current system that may impede        achievement of the vision.
  •  To explain current e?orts in bridging the gaps.
  •  To identify a set of actionable items involving all stakeholders towards common goals and articulate them in  a set of  resolutions.


Date : 7th May 2014 (Wednesday)

Venue : CIDB Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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Who we are

SlopeWatch is a community program run by residents who monitor slopes in their neighbourhood for signs of landslides and conduct simple maintenance of slopes, such as clearing of overgrowth in drains.

By participating as SlopeWatchers, residents become the “eyes and ears” for the local authorities. Because residents are familiar with their surroundings, they are the best observers of any changes in the slopes around their homes.
By working together with federal slope agencies and local and state authorities, communities can take a risk-reduction approach to hillside living.

Public awareness and education sessions help residents become more knowledgeable on safeguarding their communities.