How It Works

SlopeWatch is organized in such a way that we don’t generate numerous reports of the same sign of slope failure, which tend to clog up the local authorities’ hotlines. Instead, SlopeWatchers report any signs to the head of their communities, who in turn report to SlopeWatch Monitoring Team, and finally a processed report is submitted to the relevant local authority.




Who we are

SlopeWatch is a community program run by residents who monitor slopes in their neighbourhood for signs of landslides and conduct simple maintenance of slopes, such as clearing of overgrowth in drains.

By participating as SlopeWatchers, residents become the “eyes and ears” for the local authorities. Because residents are familiar with their surroundings, they are the best observers of any changes in the slopes around their homes.
By working together with federal slope agencies and local and state authorities, communities can take a risk-reduction approach to hillside living.

Public awareness and education sessions help residents become more knowledgeable on safeguarding their communities.